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Vision & Mission

IMME aims “to be the leader and the first choice of top quality training programmes & courses related to maintenance management functions throughout the industry it serves.” 

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Institute of Maintenance Management Education (IMME) was established in the late 70s as a collective vision of dedicated engineers and technocrats to meet multifarious requirements of training and technical services in industry regarding maintenance management and plant engineering functions

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The Institute

Institute of Maintenance Management Education (IMME) operates as a frontline training and consultancy organization for excellence and productivity of Maintenance Management in industry and offers various training programmes & courses for the benefit of maintenance managers, engineers and technical personnel.

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Core Values / Core Competencies

Our core values constitute ‘Respect’, ‘Integrity’, ‘Excellence’, ‘Service’, ‘Creativity & Innovation’ and ‘Developing Maintenance Community’, etc.
Our multi-dimensional core competencies embrace ‘Specialization’, ‘Foundational Knowledge’, ‘Objective Evaluation’, ‘Solving Problems and Adopting Changes’, ‘Communication’, ‘Professionalism’, etc.

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