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Core Values

» Respect:

We value each person for his thoughts, opinions and personal needs.

» Integrity:

We are dependable and fair in all our actions.

» Excellence:

We strive to develop and pursue higher standards.

» Service:

We serve to the professional needs of various industries.

» Creativity & Innovation:

We provide solutions with flexibility, creativity and new ideas.

» Developing Maintenance Community:

We develop maintenance community for improved knowledge and competence.

Core Competencies

»  Ideal learning centre to discover the art of managing maintenance functions in industry.

»  Offering a wide range of specialized training courses to cater to the training needs of maintenance managers, engineers, technical executives, supervisors, technicians, etc.

»  Practice-oriented training courses using innovative approaches together with case studies and easy-to-understand instructional & presentation materials.

»  Highly experienced faculty and consultants devoted to top quality training and consultancy services.

IMME’s training programmes & courses are precisely intended to provide great impetus to renewed thinking, improved knowledge & skills, positive attitude & behaviour, and commitment to ensure productive changes in their work environments. These programmes facilitate participants how to go about various cost-effective improvements in their plants. Our multi-dimensional core competencies embrace the following:

(1) Specialization

IMME’s highly experienced faculty and consultants thrive on core competence and specialization while conducting top quality training programmes, courses, seminars & workshops on various themes, modules and topics based on maintenance management functions and in providing most effective technical services to different industries.

(2) Foundational Knowledge

Both short term and long term training programmes & courses offered by IMME find focus on building strong foundational knowledge.

(3) Objective Evaluation

Candidates are evaluated to assess their advancement of knowledge & skills by employing objective tests and using group discussions & assignments developed by the expert faculty.

(4) Solving Problems and Adopting Changes

Problem-solving skills are utilized along with analytical tools, and when necessary, the same are combined with creativity and systems thinking to generate informed assessments and feasible solutions.

(5) Communication

IMME follows the culture of communicating professionally, effectively and persuasively in written, verbal and visual formats, and exercises the skills of listening, accepting and providing constructive feedback.

(6) Professionalism

Professionalism, the key to quality and efficiency with various attributes, such as character, attitude, excellence, competency, conduct, etc. is the hallmark of IMME’s training and consultancy services. IMME incorporates ethics in work culture and decision making, and organizes various activities through professional teams for best results.