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Institute of Maintenance Management Education (IMME) was established in the late 70s as a collective vision of dedicated engineers and technocrats to meet multifarious requirements of training and technical services in industry regarding maintenance management and plant engineering functions, keeping the following objectives in view:

“To develop rich professional knowledge in maintenance management and inter-related aspects through research & development, working in close co-operation with various experts, institutions and other organizations, and disseminating the same to various industries by conducting useful training programmes, courses, seminars & workshops, providing technical services, and developing a whole range of useful training materials and methodology to promote excellence in maintenance activities in various industries.”

Maintenance Management and Plant Engineering functions constitute the main focus of various activities conducted by Institute of Maintenance Management Education (IMME). Maintenance Management is getting things done by working with maintenance people to derive most economic advantage from all available resources and assure smooth working of plant equipment and machinery. Like other management functions, maintenance management too requires proper planning & scheduling of different resources & activities, efficient execution of various jobs, recording & analysis of pertinent data, effective control on performance & costs, besides directing & inspiring people and conducting itself to achieve the necessary objectives of the company.

A maintenance manager’s role is to help businesses manage assets, equipment and increase productivity and profits through improved operations. As the requirements for improved productivity and cost effectiveness increase, combined with an increased attention to safety and environmental issues, maintenance activities play an important role. Modern maintenance management techniques provide a significant contribution to a company’s productivity by applying reliability based techniques and cost-benefit analysis for maintenance optimization. Several companies have experienced the positive effect of improving maintenance management, achieving a better foundation for making the right decisions, and thereby reducing the amount of unplanned maintenance tasks.

Maintenance managers actually run a business within a business. They have 24/7 responsibility to manage up time of plant and machinery. It’s the class and type of maintenance manager that delivers the final results. As maintenance manager, are you managing to win or playing not to lose or something else? It all rests on the shoulders of maintenance manager. Have you taken lead to build a learning environment within your department? or, Have you left everything to the chance? How many times earlier, did you invite specialist trainers to conduct maintenance management programmes at your works? It is however within the purview of maintenance manager to institute a proper learning environment in his department.  It is also imperative to be able to converse with other functions in non-maintenance terms and in business lingo involving commercial facts. IMME’s principal faculty remembers an incident of meeting the president of a company many years ago while he visited to conduct an in-house training programme at their plant. The president of the company asked IMME’s faculty in unambiguous terms that teach his maintenance engineers ‘commercial aspects’. Was he expecting too much? No, it is absolutely essential for all maintenance managers and engineers to understand as to what is the real impact of maintenance operations on the commercial aspects in their companies. More than often, IMME takes pride in training maintenance personnel and emphasizing that business commercials are of prime importance and the other things are just secondary.

In today’s environment of lean, maintenance and reliability excellence, integrated maintenance & operations teams, RCM, TPM, new technologies and constant pressure to make maintenance more effective and elevate itself to a prominent value-added position, the maintenance manager must become a business unit manager with equal footing with other plant functions.

Today, industries appreciate the need for efficient maintenance management systems to be effectively integrated within corporate strategies in their quest for world-class manufacturing. In the move to world class manufacturing (WCM), many companies are realizing that there is an earnest need for effective maintenance of critical assets and systems. With the trend towards just-in-time production and flexible manufacturing, it is vital that maintenance management is integrated with corporate strategy to ensure asset availability, quality products and on-time deliveries at competitive price.

IMME has developed a great deal of various programmes to cater to the needs and challenges of maintenance management functions in industry. IMME has continuously made progress with the modern times and developed a whole lot of basic to advanced training programmes to cater to the needs of different industries.

In more than 30 years, IMME has conducted top quality training programmes & courses and trained tens of thousands of maintenance managers, plant engineers, technical executives, engineering supervisors, maintenance technicians & workers, etc. from a large number of reputed companies.