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Very informative and unique training course. We come to understand the impact of better maintenance on organization’s profitability.

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Maintenance Articles

Zero Breakdown Maintenance – it’s absolutely essential for maintenance departments to aim for maximum uptime, higher plant availability & greater overall equipment effectiveness; work for achieving zero breakdowns; arrest various abnormalities, resource wastage & economic losses; promote efficiency, productivity and control costs; adopt modern maintenance management practices, approaches & techniques; thrust upon plant safety and energy conservation programmes; and so on.

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Maintenance Management Quiz

The following ‘Maintenance Management Quiz’ has been designed to evaluate the awareness about maintenance management function. Maintenance engineers willing to participate in this quiz should get in touch with IMME.

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Maintenance Facts and Mantras

Some basic facts and mantras about ‘Maintenance Management’ are given for your information.                                                                                           

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Thankless to Thankful Maintenance

Does maintenance productivity in your plant need continuous improvement? Should inefficient maintenance activities present in your plant in different forms, known or unknown, be effectively controlled?                       

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Seminar on “Maintenance for Productivity”

An All India Seminar on ‘Maintenance for Productivity’ was organized by IMME and a large number of delegates representing various industries held discussions on the role and contribution of maintenance function to raise productivity.                              

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