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IMME offers consultancy services to conduct inplant studies in different areas of maintenance management with a view to investigate gaps in maintenance practices, streamline maintenance systems and suggest ways to reduce downtime, improve productivity, quality, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, etc.

Our consultants can critically evaluate and assess strengths and weaknesses of your maintenance systems and practices and identify the factors responsible for lower productivity and sub-optimum operational performance. We can closely work with your maintenance and production teams to enhance the current system capabilities, utilization and help achieving optimum maintenance performance.

Through effective implementation of planned maintenance and maintenance management practices, we help plants and facilities meet their maintenance goals, such as follows:

•  effective preventive maintenance planning and scheduling
•  increased productivity
•  reduced maintenance costs
•  decreased equipment downtime and improved equipment condition
•  reduced number of maintenance emergencies
•  motivated employees and increased morale
•  improved inventory and purchasing processes

When it comes to improving maintenance performance, there are no short cuts. It requires focus, expertise and tenacity to deliver real change. The benefits of improved maintenance, reliability and process effectiveness are enormous. Our consultancy services provide a measurable impact combined with an effective long-term strategy that delivers ongoing performance improvement.


•  Does your maintenance department contribute to profit, or cause profit erosion in your company?
•  Are you focused to reduce downtime and cut production losses in your plant?
•  Should maintenance costs and spare parts inventory be optimized in your plant?
•  Has your planned maintenance system been operating effectively?
•  Are you using modern, proven maintenance techniques and methods?
•  What is the level of maintenance performance in your plant? Is it satisfactory?
•  How do you utilize your maintenance engineers, supervisory staff and technicians? Are they utilized efficiently?
•  Should your maintenance performance be improved or almost revolutionized?


Inplant studies can be offered in different areas as shown below:

•  Modifications in Planned Maintenance Systems and Practices
•  Downtime Analysis and Downtime Reduction
•  Maintenance Methods Improvement
•  Performance Evaluation of the Maintenance Functions
•  Maintenance Management Information System
•  Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality  Analysis
•  MTBF and MTTR Analysis and

Machine Reliability and Maintainability Improvement

•  Maintenance Delay Analysis
•  Maintenance Manpower Utilization  Studies
•  Maintenance Cost Reduction and Productivity Improvement
•  Spares Inventory Control, etc.


Please e-mail to [email protected] to obtain detailed proposal including cost estimates and terms & conditions for the maintenance management study at your plant.