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Practice-oriented Distance Training Certification Course in Maintenance Management

Maintenance performance cannot be enhanced on a sustainable basis without the proper support and application of the best maintenance & reliability practices. ‘Practice-oriented Distance Training Certification Course in Maintenance Management’ is designed for plant maintenance engineers & managers with a view to add higher dimensions to their skills, managerial competence and facilitate effective management of maintenance function. The course focuses on developing participants to realize higher potential for initiating maintenance improvement activities in their plants.

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In-house / Virtual Training Programmes

Institute of Maintenance Management Education (IMME) offers a wide range of In-house / Virtual Training Programmes for maintenance engineers, managers, technical executives, etc. It’s imperative for a maintenance team to aim for maximizing uptime, overall equipment effectiveness and minimize downtime. It’s necessary to have a maintenance strategy which enables to improve maintenance performance in a way that supports the overall economic goals of the company. Virtual Training Programmes conducted by IMME provide great impetus to renewed thinking and facilitate participants to go about various cost-effective improvements in their plants.

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Distance Training Certification Executive Development Programmes

Five ‘Distance Training Certification Executive Development Programmes’ have been designed as specialized training courses for maintenance engineers, managers and technical executives with a view to strengthen their managerial competence, enhance system capabilities, help achieving optimum performance, and stimulate manufacturing excellence. ‘Distance Training Certification Executive Development Programmes’ provide comprehensive learning and help building skills and requisite talent for achieving higher economical efficiency in plant operations.

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Virtual Training Programme on Root Cause Failure Analysis and Maintenance

Root Cause Failure Analysis as a technique that would anticipate and control the systemic causes of maintenance problems occupies the thinking and planning of progressive managements. Root Cause Failure Analysis can be one of the strongest tools your maintenance organization ever puts its hands around since it helps improving reliability of plant equipment significantly. Root Cause Failure Analysis is typically used for identifying causes for the failure events, revealing problems and solving them.

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Virtual Training Programme on Effective Preventive, Predictive & Proactive Maintenance

Effective Preventive Maintenance is necessary to preserve the inherent reliability of equipment and detect failures in sufficiently advance time to plan, schedule and conduct necessary corrective actions. Predictive Maintenance allows the user to evaluate the condition of equipment and avoid failures. It is based on monitoring condition of plant equipment and machinery by using CM instruments. Proactive maintenance involves a maintenance strategy that corrects the source of the underlying equipment conditions.

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Virtual Training Programme on Improving Machine Reliability, Maintainability & Availability

Reliability and Maintainability are two important characteristics to effectively manage maintenance of machines, reduce downtime and increase availability. Reliability deals with trouble-free operation time of the machines and how best it can be prolonged further. On the other hand, maintainability deals with the speed, economy and the ease with which various maintenance and repair activities are carried out on different machines. Reliability and Maintainability factors are always considered critical in assuring reduced failures, lower downtime and higher equipment availability.

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Virtual Training Programme on Maintenance Cost & Downtime Reduction

Cost reduction in maintenance operations seeks to add value, eliminate waste of materials, man power, energy, plant downtime and improve maintenance quality and productivity. Downtime is costly to businesses and their profit margins in many ways. In a large plant, downtime means a big cost both in terms of maintenance spending and production losses. However, unplanned and unexpected downtime coming up due to equipment failures always results in higher costs.

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Virtual Training Programme on Getting Out-of-the-box Ideas for Improvement in Plant

Getting out-of-the-box idea means that you step out of the box, leave all your experiences, mindsets and attitudes behind and start viewing things from a completely different perspective. Out-of-the-box thinking moves away in diverging directions involving a variety of aspects and which sometimes leads to new ideas and unique solutions. The ability to think out-of-the-box purposely requires above all one thing – creative skills. Especially creative people make it possible to master the approach to think “Out-of-the-box” as an immense advantage for getting incredibly new & novel ideas and possibilities.

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